Many Point Scout Camp, that's the place for me!

New Heights

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“This is so cool” A young scouts tells a staff member as they were having a friendly climbing competition with there fellow scout. The scouts arrived first to the tower ready to climb. The staff was excited to help them get ready.  Steven one of the scouts asked if they could climb on the same side of the tower.  Without hesitation Brian the climbing tower director and the staff got another rope set up and ready to go. In no time the scouts were climbing there way to the top.  During the climb a scout climbing out of the “cave” lifted himself out with only one arm. Shocked the staff and scouts erupted in cheers and continued to encourage the scouts. Everyday scouts come to Many Point and experience new adventures and challenges.  This year is no different. The staff are trained and ready to meet scouts and guide them in the skills and adventure that can only be found at Many Point.


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