Many Point Scout Camp, that's the place for me!

Many Point Rendezvous

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Many Point is always inventing new programs to get scouts and adults involved all over camp.  Tonight was the First Annual Many Point Rendezvous were scouts and adults participated in a ton of activities. Scouts and adults from all sub camps got involved at the beach, log rolling, or learning how to shear lash at Outdoor Skills.  One of the most popular places at the Rendezvous was the climbing tower, where scouts learned how to be lumberjacks.  With each activity scouts could earn points for their respective camp, at the end of the night scouts from each camp battled in a camp v. camp tug of war.

A list of the activities you can do at Many Point Rendezvous

Log roll

Log pull

Flapjack cooking

Shear Lashing

Fried Frog Legs

Tea Making

Voyageur Canoeing

Live Music (talent show)



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