Many Point Scout Camp, that's the place for me!


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Granny is one of those Many Point gems that sparkles in who she is as a person as well as what she contributes to Many Point Scout Camp. Granny is the source of those fantastic carmel and cinnamon rolls that make every breakfast a treat at Many Point. She is also the source of that great Granny bread! Granny has worked at Many Point for twenty-three years and goes through about two an a half tons of flour a summer! In her time at Many Point, that is about fifty-eight tons of flour!!! Troops love Granny and her name is mentioned every week on the adult leader feedback forms.

Beyond the baking, Granny works to provide all the meals in the Buckskin Dining Hall, the staff lodges, some Flintlock programs and Ten Chiefs hot stacks. She gives credit to a great team that includes two of her nieces. Granny continually works to solve problems. She never blames someone else nor gives an excuse. When the power went out in the Dining Hall one day, she still managed to serve a hot meal. If more people show up for a meal than expected, she finds a creative solution. If a troop misses a meal time, Granny goes out of her way to make sure that troop gets fed! Her positive attitude is a great contribution to Many Point.

Granny comes from a Finnish family of thirteen children! She proudly boasts that she was number 6 1/2. She and her brother were twins. Her mother had her baking and cooking when she was in fourth grade. Granny is the head cook for the Menagha Schools. She has had that job for thirty three years and could have retired long ago, but Granny is the type of person who loves the people with whom she has contact as well as the joy of doing her job. Granny is the first at work and the last to leave. She and her sister Carol own and operate the Cottage House restaurant in Menagha which only serves fresh home-made cooking, the old-fashioned kind.

Granny is a Many Point gem who truly adds to the shine of Many Point Scout Camp!


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