Many Point Scout Camp, that's the place for me!

Big Joe

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Joe Glaccum is a Many Point institution who is the unseen man that makes things happen. Joe started in 1987 as trail crew chief, carving out the trail to the Back of the Moon. In 1988, he began his tenure as food service director, which he continues to present. All the while, he has also served in a variety of other roles, including trading post director, services director, business director, driver and sanitation director. In truth, Joe is happy to do whatever it takes to make Many Point run!

His Scouting history is long! He grew up in New York but moved to Minnesota. He was a cubmaster for three years, a scoutmaster for ten years, chair of the Lake Minnetonka district Scout committee for eight years, participated in Wood Badge, conducted a junior leader training program for years and earned Scouting’s Silver Beaver award!

At Many Point he works to ensure an effective food service program. His job starts long before camp by assessing feedback from the previous year, helping to create a menu, acquiring food and establishing a staff that values quality control!

During the storm of 1995, the camp was without power for six days and everyone was worried that all the frozen and refrigerated food would perish. Joe contacted a trucking company and was able to secure a refrigeration truck that preserved the camp’s food via diesel engine! This type of creativity and focus on mission makes Joe a very valuable staff member. His actions have been replayed time and time again in a variety of ways.

Thanks for all that you do Joe, and Many Point hopes you continue for another twenty-five years!


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