Many Point Scout Camp, that's the place for me!

Aquatics fun at Many Point

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Many Point Scout Camp is a veritable water wonderland! While most camps are a camp upon a lake, Many Point Scout Camp is a series of camps around a lake. Each of the program camps has a fleet of watercraft that include canoes, rowboats, sailboats, inner tubes for water polo and an impressive aqua trampoline that can entertain fourteen Scouts at a time! A favorite attachment is the Aqua Launch, or simply “the blob,” whereby a Scout can sit at the end and another Scout jumps on the launcher, propelling a Scout through the air and into the lake! Whit a good sound jump, a Scout on the end can perform a triple gainer if the wind is just right. At that, the competition starts as one Scout tries to outdo another Scout in height, distance and even style!

Flintlock offers waterskiing behind the new Mastercraft ski boat, three jet skis, sea kayaks, the Saturn and the Iceberg. While the ski boat and jet skis speak for themselves, the Saturn is a ringed floating structure where Scouts balance teamwork, creativity and one heck of a good time–especially with the hot weather we have had! The Iceberg is a sixteen foot high structure that challenges Scouts to scale its height and slide into the water with a big leap of faith at the top. The Iceberg builds confidence and is also one heck of a lot of fun.

The great thing is that all water items really help Scouts to develop teamwork, communication, initiative, build confidence and help Scouts along the road to fulfilling the mission of Scouting and the elements of the outdoor program. Scouting is truly a series of “games with a purpose.” And Many Point intends to take advantage of every opportunity to help young boys grow into young men with character!


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