Many Point Scout Camp, that's the place for me!

Some Thoughts From a Scoutmaster

Summer goes so fast and time moves too quick

What I don’t get can almost make me sick

Camping is a time when we learn to share

And to take some time to show a kid I care

Things that are possible things he can be

Values in life he can learn from me

He can learn to be strong and take control

Be part of a troop when he’s in a patrol

He will learn how to separate the good from the bad

How to show he’s happy what to do when he’s sad

He will learn the strength of work as a group

When he’s part of an organized troop

Camping becomes so much more

And knowing what to do will make his spirit soar

When he plans his life and sets each goal

He’ll remember the time he had in his patrol

We created a memory and that’s fuel for his lamp

As he remembers his time at Many Point Scout Camp


Loren Fokken

Scoutmaster, Troop 269


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