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Bjelland Lodge Dedication

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On August 3rd, 2011, the past and future of the Flintlock Adventure Base were united in the new Flintlock Headquarters. Current and former staff, council dignitaries, spouses and friends joined together to dedicate the brand new Bjelland Lodge.

Funded by the generous support of Rolf and Idelle Bjelland, the new lodge truly sets the bar way above the rest of the camp headquarters lodges. The staff dining area is spacious, the kitchen is four times larger than the previous kitchen, and the staff laundry and shower facilities are sure to be the envy of the other camps. Other new improvements that are being touted by the Flintlock staff are the Camp Director’s office and the front porch.

At the dedication, Rolf shared a few words about his experiences on staff in the 1950’s. Some things have changed dramatically since then, like Flintlock transitioning from a resident camp to an adventure base, but other things have remained unchanged, like how the staff occupy their off time on the weekends.

Rolf and Idelle were thanked not only for their financial support, but also their leadership in the design and establishing an endowment to support the maintenance and eventual replacement of the building. The festivities concluded with a photograph of Rolf and Idelle and their friends in front of the new lodge, which mirrors a photograph that was taken in 1958 at the opening of the previous Flintlock Headquarters building.

The old lodge will continue to serve Flintlock for equipment storage, Scout dining, and as a location for program activities.


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