Many Point Scout Camp, that's the place for me!

Many Point 2011 By The Numbers

“Thanks for one of the best weeks of my summer!”

This is what a Scout from troop 174 had to say at the end of his week at Many Point. This was a sentiment shared by thousands of Scouts, adult leaders, families and CITs alike. “How many thousands?” you ask. Well, here are the numbers…

4139 Boy Scouts and Venture Scouts camped at Many Point

1451 Adult leaders watched their troops and crews grow while here at Many Point

702 Campers stayed at Family Camp’s 20 cabins and 8 tent/trailer sites

37 CITs spent 5 weeks learning and practicing the essential skills needed to be a staff member

152 Scouts and Venturers participated in the Water Sports Outpost and had the opportunity to ride personal watercraft, a truly rare opportunity in the BSA

1354 Older Scouts and Venturers rode the camp bus to and from their Flintlock adventures

8606 Merit badges were earned

2830 Merit badges were started, to be completed at home

479 Certifications such as Kayak BSA, Snorkeling BSA, Boardsailing BSA, BSA Lifeguard and BSA Aquatic Supervision were completed

124,000 meals were served either “for here” or “to go” by our Dining Hall and Commissary, to fuel all the fun

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