Many Point Scout Camp, that's the place for me!


For over sixty years Many Point’s signature red lantern has been burning brightly on the shores of Many Point Lake. Each summer Many Point is home to over 200 troops from numerous councils across the United States and Canada.

The property alone is enough to intrigue any participant. Since its opening in 1946, the property has grown to encompass over 2400 acres and eight miles of shoreline on two lakes. Bordered by the 143,000 acre Tamarac Wildlife Refuge and only a handful of cabins, you’ll notice that the greatest amount of traffic on the lake is from Scouts in canoes or sailboats.

Many Point is also located only thirty miles from Itasca State Park, a short distance for those Scouts who would like to wade through the headwaters of the Mississippi River.

Scouts who come to Many Point will still participate in some of the traditional activities of the 1940s like swimming, canoeing, rowing, orienteering, lashing and shooting. Yet they will also have a chance to participate in some of the more recent innovations. We now have a huge fleet of Sunfish sailboats, three climbing towers, two COPE courses, several 25′ aqua trampolines, two Huck Finn rafts, windsurfers, kayaks and two tree house villages.

In addition to a variety of programs, troops also have the choice to camp in one of forty campsites split among four sub-camps. Although, each sub-camp offers the same great program each differs by the style of meals provided. Buckskin has a full service dining hall, Ten Chiefs offers a combination of patrol cooking and heater stacks, Voyageur troops cook food provided by the commissary and Pioneer troops can choose a commissary option or to provide their own food.

Scouters can also bring their families to stay in one of twenty cabins and participate in the fully-staffed program at our Family Camp.

Many Point was the first camp in the nation where Scouts attended camp as troops and not as individuals. Today we still continue to emphasize the growth of the entire troop as our chief objective. Our staff is trained and dedicated to the mission and ideals of Scouting. Come to Many Point this summer and you’ll leave as a stronger troop of confident and capable young leaders.


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