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Many Point Rendezvous

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Many Point is always inventing new programs to get scouts and adults involved all over camp.  Tonight was the First Annual Many Point Rendezvous were scouts and adults participated in a ton of activities. Scouts and adults from all sub camps got involved at the beach, log rolling, or learning how to shear lash at Outdoor Skills.  One of the most popular places at the Rendezvous was the climbing tower, where scouts learned how to be lumberjacks.  With each activity scouts could earn points for their respective camp, at the end of the night scouts from each camp battled in a camp v. camp tug of war.

A list of the activities you can do at Many Point Rendezvous

Log roll

Log pull

Flapjack cooking

Shear Lashing

Fried Frog Legs

Tea Making

Voyageur Canoeing

Live Music (talent show)



Campfire Lights

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Experiencing a closing campfire is a great ending to a week at Many Point.  Laughing with friends, planning skits and getting awards presented.  However, there is always a different way to view a campfire so I decided to take timed exposures of the campfire and the events following.  The photos above are the best of the campfire.


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Connor and Sam were fishing near Voyageur beach when Connor started reeling a fish in.  The first catch of the day was a good one so Connor wanted to keep at it.  Just as soon as Connor cast his line another fish was ready to be caught. Connor reeled the fish in, it was a nice big sunny another great catch for the day.  The scouts and adults continued to fish as the sun began to set another sunny day at Many Point Scout Camp.  The scouts and adults traded places to see which fishing spot was the best, as well as trading fishing lures, tips and tricks.  At the end of the evening the scouts were able to learn valuable fishing skills, while having a blast fishing.

Just One Day of Camp

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Imagine all you can accomplish in one day, all the places you can travel, everyone you could meet.   At camp, scouts experience new activities, meet new friends and learn news things every minute.

Today I got a chance to travel around camp and take pictures of as many active scouts and leaders as possible.  My first stop was at an Ethics in Action session at Voyageur, where I met Troop 346 and watched them work together to solve problems.  All the scouts in the group were discussing and collaborating together to solve the problems they were assigned. ( I do not want to give too much away – you will have to come to camp to find out more!)

My picture adventure took me around the lake to Family Camp, where the beach was the place to be.  Zach F. the Family Camp beach director was excited to show me all that was happing at the beach,  Sand castle building, snorkeling, sailing, swimming – no one could get enough of the lake!

Just one day of camp can give scouts and adults the experience of a lifetime.

Your Experience

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I have listed the activities you can participate in and the endless lessons that can be learned at camp.  But nothing can compare to experiencing camp first- hand.  Catching the fish, screaming at the top of your lungs at an opening campfire, swimming a mile, sailing on a Sunfish and learning something new at camp…  The pictures above can give you only a preview of all that camp offers.

I urge you to find your own camp experience at Many Point Scout Camp today!!!

Campfire to Campfire!!!

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There is not just one moment or event that camp is made of.  Camp starts when you enter the gates and staff greet you. From there you become a guest of Many Point Scout Camp, and the staff are here to help make your experience at camp memorable.  As staff prepare swim qualifications, give swim tests, and the scouts set up camp,  the energy of the day builds.  Then the sun sets and the staff prepare their campfire skits and songs.

Campfire begins with a huge round of applause, and the week begins.  The week begins to move faster and faster with merit badges and activities. Suddenly without warning, it is Friday and time for another campfire.

There is no way to describe in words all that a week of camp can entail.  Come to Many Point Scout Camp to experience every moment and every campfire for yourself!!!

At the beach

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“What are you doing tonight?” one scout asks another.

“We’re hanging at  the beach and  going kayaking, because it’s sweet.”

Staff member Matt B. assist scouts coming down to the beach during open program with anything related to boats.  “It’s a great day to kayak or canoe, the sun is out and the lake is calm,” Matt says as he let more scouts in the beach.  During that night, the kayaking scouts traded boats with canoeurs so it was another busy night on the Many Point beaches.

Open program is scheduled between 7-9 PM in our program sub camps (Buckskin, Ten Chiefs, Voyageur) every week night.  During that time, scouts can go to any program area and participate in activities ranging from shotgun, archery, snorkeling, canoeing, and climbing to cooking.  There is always something to do or learn during open program.

Welcome to Camp!

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Every Sunday during the camping season, scouts arrive at the Many Point Scout Camp Administration Building.  Here scouts meet the staff who assist leaders with check in. Scouts are able to play games and burn some energy off from the long drive to camp.  Scout also have the opportunity to interact with the Frontier staff who are from an 1800’s logging camp. The characters of William Thompson and Fred Peake, dressed in typical logging garb of the 1800’s,  inform scouts about the Frontier program they could participate in at camp.

Because Many Point believes that customer service is very important, first impressions is something we work on everyday.  Prepared, presentable, and helpful staff is what you will find when you enter Many Point Scout Camp.


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On Sunday nights, the Many Point staff prepare as scouts gather at their campfires.

The crowd begins to get restless, and the staff jump into action.

“We are going to start this campfire like we start all Many Point campfires,” a staff member yells as he begins to sing the Many Point Rouser! The rest of the staff runs out and joins in the singing of the rouser.

Next is the most popular part: the skits where staff get to demonstrate their acting abilities.  Campfires are just one part of the Many Point experience, every moment can be memorable at Many Point Scout Camp.

Polar Bear!

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One day every week in the early morning hours, scouts and staff wake up to participate in a tradition like no other.  A staff member with great story telling ability, tells the story of Polar Bolarinski and his misadventures, which leads to running into the (refreshing ) lake in the early morning hours.  Staff does not jump into the water once but up to three times, just to make sure you’re up.  Be sure to participate in your Polar Bear when you come to Many Point this summer!