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When you are older

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When we are younger we learn many lessons, some we take for granted, for others it takes a little time before we realize what we learned. At Many Point lessons are learned through merit badges, troop activities, at campfires, cooking meals, or even while you eating meals. The lessons learned can be working with others, how to cook a meal well, or learning to ask for help.  As small as some of these lessons may seem now, scouts will realize when they are older that they were necessary.  Even adults learn new lessons at camp, a person never stops learning.  The moments that we are with our troops we should be aware that you cannot learn everything at once but you can learn from your experiences now.  Take the opportunity to learn something new this week, who knows you may use it when you are older.


More than fun and Games

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Family Camp at Many Point is important to everything we do at camp. Providing a place where families can be close to each other, an interact with scouters as well as experience a unique outdoor program.   Today I got the chance to visit family camp during open swim time as well as in the evening.  Families coming together to enjoy board-games, card games, swimming, and some good old fashion family time.  These are the moments the Family Camp staff enjoy to be a part of.  Family is big part of Many Point, and we encourage you to look into our Family Camp program.  The pictures above are self explanatory please enjoy.