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KMPC is “on the air”

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KMPC AM1610 is the “on the air” and ready for our broadcasts for the summer.  Everyday scouts work together to write and preform their original radio broadcasts.  Scouts are challenged with writing a program for their target audience,their fellow scouts and leaders in camp.  With some material provided, scouts are introduced to the basics of radio broadcasting.  Scouts learn how to prepare news stories, weather reports, camp activities updates and more.  The experiences that scouts have in Radio Merit Badge, will help them discover talents they never thought they had.  A large part of Radio Merit Badge is communicating with others to produce the radio shows as well as present an entertaining radio show to the audience.  When you enter Many Point Scout Camp, turn your radio to AM1610 KMPC or go to  to download broadcasts from this summer.


Digging for knowledge

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The scouts in archeology were on a mission to dig up artifacts for Archeology Merit Badge.  The challenge today was they only had thirty minutes to find all the artifacts, log the information and sort the artifacts.  The scouts needed to be organized to succeed today.  Many scouts started digging with excitement, but others cautioned them on damaging the artifacts, so they worked together to dig out the pit.  Two scouts volunteered to sift the dirt once others had dug it out into buckets.  Each bucket of dirt would be sifted carefully and anything left would be inspected.  ” I found something, its one of our artifacts”  a scout shouts in excitement.  After the scouts identified the artifact, another scout logs the information down in a log.  Soon two, three, four more artifacts are dug out and logged, a successful dig just under the wire.