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A evening by the lake

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Even during rainy days at Many Point, there is always something to look forward to.  The clouds will move and the sun will shine.  On tuesday evening I made my way down to main beach to visit with some scouts fishing.  The four scouts fishing were casting away and trying hard to catch their prize.  As Brad and his fellow scouts were fishing, other scouts were enjoying the sunfish sailboats in buckskin bay. The wind was not powerful but the scouts were enjoying their time on the lake.  As the activity at main beach continued, I assisted a scout tying a lure on his fishing line.  As the sun set the scouts begin to pack their tackle boxes and put the sail boats away, the sun and clouds created a spectacular site.


At the beach

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“What are you doing tonight?” one scout asks another.

“We’re hanging at  the beach and  going kayaking, because it’s sweet.”

Staff member Matt B. assist scouts coming down to the beach during open program with anything related to boats.  “It’s a great day to kayak or canoe, the sun is out and the lake is calm,” Matt says as he let more scouts in the beach.  During that night, the kayaking scouts traded boats with canoeurs so it was another busy night on the Many Point beaches.

Open program is scheduled between 7-9 PM in our program sub camps (Buckskin, Ten Chiefs, Voyageur) every week night.  During that time, scouts can go to any program area and participate in activities ranging from shotgun, archery, snorkeling, canoeing, and climbing to cooking.  There is always something to do or learn during open program.

Opportunity Everywhere

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“You have the best job in camp” a scoutmaster says in passing.  Every time I hear that it does remind me of how fortunate I’m to work with other dedicated individuals and scouts for summer fun and learning opportunities.  I do enjoy my job, but my fellow staff work tirelessly to plan the programs that create these special moments. Today my goal was to visit all the beaches in camp and capture scouts having some summer fun.  It was partly cloudy and 81 degrees, so perfect.  As I enter Buck beach there where scouts preparing to sail, scouts on the aqua trampoline, kayaking, swimming, and snorkeling. I did not have enough time to capture all the pictures I wanted but the moments I did capture are above for your enjoyment. The following moments are brought to you by the staff, and adult leader volunteers who enjoy scouting and want to share these moments with everyone.