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Many Point Rendezvous

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Many Point is always inventing new programs to get scouts and adults involved all over camp.  Tonight was the First Annual Many Point Rendezvous were scouts and adults participated in a ton of activities. Scouts and adults from all sub camps got involved at the beach, log rolling, or learning how to shear lash at Outdoor Skills.  One of the most popular places at the Rendezvous was the climbing tower, where scouts learned how to be lumberjacks.  With each activity scouts could earn points for their respective camp, at the end of the night scouts from each camp battled in a camp v. camp tug of war.

A list of the activities you can do at Many Point Rendezvous

Log roll

Log pull

Flapjack cooking

Shear Lashing

Fried Frog Legs

Tea Making

Voyageur Canoeing

Live Music (talent show)



Floating on Water

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Scouts are busy finding adventure all over the lake swimming, fishing, as well as sail-boarding.  Sail Boarding is a fairly challenging activity, scouts have to balance on there board while lifting the sail to catch the wind just right.  Most of the time, this is a challenge since there is either a strong or weak wind.  Just like sailing the scouts have to switch side as they change directions.  But once you catch the wind, you can travel across an entire bay of Many Point Lake in no time at all. Another night of learning, adventure and water, never a dull moment at Many Point Scout Camp.

A New Frontier

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Innovation is one of the most important parts of Many Point.  We believe that our success is our ability to be flexible and change with the changing needs of scouts and scouters that come to camp every season.  This year Many Point started a Frontier Outpost, where scouts learn the basics of logging, branding, and building in the Frontier of the 1800’s.  Scouts enter a land in the past. William Thompson and Fred Peake are your guides through Frontier, the will give you all the knowledge and tools to begin your adventure.  The pictures above show only a part of all you can experiences on the New Frontier.

Campfire Lights

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Experiencing a closing campfire is a great ending to a week at Many Point.  Laughing with friends, planning skits and getting awards presented.  However, there is always a different way to view a campfire so I decided to take timed exposures of the campfire and the events following.  The photos above are the best of the campfire.


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Connor and Sam were fishing near Voyageur beach when Connor started reeling a fish in.  The first catch of the day was a good one so Connor wanted to keep at it.  Just as soon as Connor cast his line another fish was ready to be caught. Connor reeled the fish in, it was a nice big sunny another great catch for the day.  The scouts and adults continued to fish as the sun began to set another sunny day at Many Point Scout Camp.  The scouts and adults traded places to see which fishing spot was the best, as well as trading fishing lures, tips and tricks.  At the end of the evening the scouts were able to learn valuable fishing skills, while having a blast fishing.

KMPC is “on the air”

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KMPC AM1610 is the “on the air” and ready for our broadcasts for the summer.  Everyday scouts work together to write and preform their original radio broadcasts.  Scouts are challenged with writing a program for their target audience,their fellow scouts and leaders in camp.  With some material provided, scouts are introduced to the basics of radio broadcasting.  Scouts learn how to prepare news stories, weather reports, camp activities updates and more.  The experiences that scouts have in Radio Merit Badge, will help them discover talents they never thought they had.  A large part of Radio Merit Badge is communicating with others to produce the radio shows as well as present an entertaining radio show to the audience.  When you enter Many Point Scout Camp, turn your radio to AM1610 KMPC or go to  to download broadcasts from this summer.

Adventure on the Water

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It is always fun taking a canoe trip onto Many Point Lake, but when you get to take photos of all the fun scouts are having it sometimes becomes a challenge to get all the shots at once.  However, on a busy friday afternoon I was able to catch scouts finishing their kayaking trip, some distance sailors and the scouts on Huck Finn raft.  Scouts were excited to be out on the lake on a nice warm day, kayaking and meeting other boaters around the lake.  In each activity the scouts could not stop sharing their excitement with me as well as the other scouts participating.  Everyday the staff at Many Point provide great outdoor program for scouts to experience the outdoors in new exciting ways.


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Some days I feel like relaxing and just having some good old fashion fun. Scouts were having a blast jumping, swimming and canoeing in Flintlock bay, not worried about anything.  The sun was shinning, the water was at a perfect temperature and the scouts were ready to have a good time in the lake.  As I paddled my way out to the Huck Finn raft, scouts were anticipating me taking pictures of some sweet jumps off the raft.  Sometimes you do not need a book, or lesson plan, you just need a big raft and a lot of water to have some FUN!

Digging for knowledge

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The scouts in archeology were on a mission to dig up artifacts for Archeology Merit Badge.  The challenge today was they only had thirty minutes to find all the artifacts, log the information and sort the artifacts.  The scouts needed to be organized to succeed today.  Many scouts started digging with excitement, but others cautioned them on damaging the artifacts, so they worked together to dig out the pit.  Two scouts volunteered to sift the dirt once others had dug it out into buckets.  Each bucket of dirt would be sifted carefully and anything left would be inspected.  ” I found something, its one of our artifacts”  a scout shouts in excitement.  After the scouts identified the artifact, another scout logs the information down in a log.  Soon two, three, four more artifacts are dug out and logged, a successful dig just under the wire.


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Everyday I get to travel around the lake to see scouts working together, learning new things.  There are great pictures but what are scouts actually learning.  At Ten Chiefs they were practicing some wilderness first aid, assisting a accident victim from a truck. The scouts worked together to make sure the victim was safe. Each scout was involved in caring and assisting the injured scout.  Through real scenarios scouts can practice the correct ways to help others in emergency situations.  Scouts learn how to stay calm, work with others, and the correct first aid skills in all types of emergency situations.  A scout is prepared, learning new skills to help others at all times.  These scouts now are prepared for new challenges outside of camp.